Tate's Total Training

Personal Training at Tate's Total Training

Tate's Total Training offers Personal Strength and Conditioning Training for all ages and levels. All Personal Trainers are nationally certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) or NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness).

Scientists specializing in exercise have identified nine elements that comprise the definition of fitness. Those nine areas include strength, power, agility, balance, flexibility, local muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance, and coordination.

Since all clients are different with different needs, our personal trainers will focus on their particular needs and goals following an initial personalized visit and interview. With that in mind, some specific areas of personal training include:

General Strength and Conditioning

For the client that just wants to "get in shape" this training focuses on all fitness areas as are needed for that particular client, in a logical progression of need and intensity.

Sports Specific Training for Adults and Children

A structured strength and conditioning workout is designed to develop muscular endurance, strength, power, speed, and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning for the specific demands of any sport. By improving these physical skills through a sport-specific workout program, the athlete can enhance sports performance while reducing the potential for injuries.

Senior Training

Although tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, senior specific training focuses on balance, fall prevention, integrated flexibility, range of motion, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, individual one-on-one boxing sessions are available for our clients with Parkinson's.

Equestrian Rider Training

Being one with a horse requires balance, flexibility and strength. Being a rider himself, Kerry has designed programs to increase body awareness, improve body alignment, build endurance, stretch tight muscles, and strengthen arms, legs, and core, helping to prevent injuries.

Equestrian Rider Training at Tate's Total Fitness

Pre- and Post-Surgical Recovery

Working hand in hand with doctors and physical therapists, personal training can provide gentle strengthening exercises of the muscles involved in surgery. Trainers work with plans provided by physical therapists enhancing PT or working on other areas that may become weak from non-use following surgery.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is offered several times a week with a group no bigger than eight participants. In the group, the instructor will tailor the workout to generalized needs.

Small Group Personal Training at Tate's Total Training